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The past haunts the present, and the present is a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities.

Set in the near future of wild storms and oppressive social controls, Darkness transports audiences into overlapping worlds of mystery, transformation, fantasy and wonder. A site-responsive theatrical experience like no other; rich and seductive, gothic and resonant.

Amid thunder and lightning, five deeply-curious and combative friends defy orders to take refuge in an abandoned house, now an eerie mansion of lost things. At its centre is the infamous poet Byron who, confronted by nature’s wrath, turmoil and plague, is caught in a tug of war of life and death.

Inspired by an extraordinary gathering in 1816, Darkness is created by artists Andrew Bovell, Zoey Dawson, Dino Dimitriadis, Dan Gioannoni and Megan Wilding. It comes alive with potent and entertaining stories as the cohorts trade brilliant tales, conjure spirits and look to the past to contemplate the future. It is a colliding landscape of rich imagery, startling transformation, flashbacks and forebodings.

Both intimate and epic, the adventurous production explores themes of savage nature, hunger for connection, life, death and the desire to be reborn and renewed. Dare to look into the future.

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