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Wintergarden Theater, Broadway

Opened March 13, 2014

The legendary underdog story that inspired us all to go the distance is now a triumphant live event that’s “unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the theater” (NBC).

Both an adrenaline-infused spectacle and a surprising tale of blossoming romance between two lonely outsiders, Rocky is brought to extraordinary life by a five-time Tony Award®-winning creative team and the screenwriter of the Oscar®-winning Best Picture, Sylvester Stallone.

Time Out New York says, “Every few years, a piece of stagecraft DROPS SO MANY JAWS and POPS SO MANY EYES, it becomes A BROADWAY INSTA-ICON: The Phantom of the Opera’s falling chandelier; the march of animals in The Lion King; Elphaba levitating while hitting the high F in Wicked’s ‘Defying Gravity.’ ADD TO THAT LIST THE SPECTACULAR FINAL BOUT IN ROCKY.”

Producers: Stage Entertainment USA, Sylvester Stallone, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, The Shubert Organisation, Kevin King-Templeton, James L. Nederlander & Terry Allen Kramer, Roy Furman, Cheryl Wiesenfield, Zane Tankel, Lucky Champions, Scott Delman, JFL Theatricals/Judith Ann Abrams, Latitude Link, Waxman/Shin/Bergère and Lauren Stephens/Josh Goodman.

  • "Every few years, a piece of stagecraft drops so many jaws and pops so many eyes, it becomes a Broadway insta-icon: The Phantom of the Opera’s glorious falling chandelier; the awe-inspiring march of animals in The Lion King’s “Circle of Life;” Elphaba levitating while hitting the high F in Wicked’s “Defying Gravity.” Add to that list the spectacular final bout in Rocky. Director Alex Timbers throws every ingredient into the pot to send us staggering into the night punch-drunk, love-struck and begging for more."
    Time Out NY
  • "A Massive theatrical spectacle! There will no question in theatergoers’ minds that they have experienced the thrill of the fight."
    Chicago Tribune
  • "Imaginative. Rousing & visually impressive"
  • "Game-changing. Jaw Dropping. Astounding."
  • "An unexpected knockout!"
    New York Post
  • "It is to director ALEX TIMBERS’ credit that the humanity that is the lifeblood of the Rocky tale is never overwhelmed by the technology. For all its bells and whistles, this remains a story of determination, redemption and, of course. True love."
    Philadelphia Daily News
  • "A thrilling knockout! So visceral and exhilarating that it sends the audience out on a high."
    The Hollywood Reporter