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Here Lies Love

>Here Lies Love

New York

Public Theater, New York

Opened May 1, 2014

Within a pulsating dance club atmosphere, David Byrne and Fatboy Slim deconstruct the astonishing journey of Filipino First Lady Imelda Marcos, retracing her meteoric rise to power and subsequent descent into infamy and disgrace at the end of the People Power Revolution. Here Lies Love is neither a period piece nor a biography, neither a play nor a traditional musical, but an immersive theatrical event combining songs influenced by four decades of dance music, adrenaline-fueled choreography, and a remarkable 360-degree scenic and video environment, which goes beyond Imelda’s near-mythic obsession with shoes to explore the tragic consequences of the abuse of power.

Producers: Joey Parnes, Emursive, Hal Luftig, Rhonda Herrick, Important Musicals, Wally Hays, Rebecca Gold, Joan & Juliett Tolentino, Rodney Rigby, Papagjika Sollaway Productions/Bryan Bantry, Yasuhiro Kawana, Shoeless Girl Productions, Melissa & Dan Berger, S.D Wagner, John Johnson, and The Public Theater – Oskar Eutis, Artistic Director, Patrick Willingham, Executive Director.

  • "Here Lies Love the exciting new poperetta conceived by the musician (and former Talking Head) David Byrne, sets a new standard for audience participation."
    New York Times
  • "It’s impossible not to be swept away by the momentum."
    New York Post
  • "Finally – a new musically that’s so exhilarating and such a great time that’s it’s easy to recommend it without hesitation."
    New York Daily News
  • "Here Lies love – a vigorous, intelligent, and helplessly danceable song cycle."
    The Guardian (London)
  • "Here Lies Love is inventive and glamorous, a must see experience made even more worthwhile by the hopefulness and sweetness at its core."
  • "Life giving, roof raising, booty shaking blast of pure joy from start to finish. You will have a blissed out smile on your face and your hips will remain in perpetual motion throughout the entire 90 minutes of this immersive, swiftly paced boogie through the twentieth century Philippine politics, directed with a combination of youthful exuberance and polished professionalism by the sensational Alex Timbers, who confirms his reputation – and then some – as one of the brightest theatrical lights of his generation."